Vibrationally State Selective Photoassociation by Infrared Picosecond Laser Pulses: Model Simulations for O + H → OH(ν)

Population dynamics of scattering and bound states induced by a state selective 500 fs laser pulse

Mikhail V. Korolkov, Jörn Manz, Gennadij K. Paramonov, and Burkhard Schmidt

The quantum dynamics of a photoassociation reaction in the electronic ground state controlled by an infrared picosecond laser pulse is investigated. The association reaction O + H → OH(v) is simulated by representative wavepackets. The OH molecule to be formed is modeled as a non-rotating Morse oscillator. It is shown that the initial free continuum state of O + H can be transferred selectively into a specified vibrational bound state by interaction with an infrared laser pulse. Optimal design of the laser control field leads to high association probability with very high vibrational state-selectivity.

Chem. Phys. Lett. 260 (5-6), 604-610 (1996)